Isaiah 61 Café location: 100 New Salem Street Laconia, NH
Open: Monday - Friday 9am-2pm

About Us

At age 28, I realized my need for Jesus Christ on January 24, 1999, as I ran to the front of the church desperate to ask Jesus to rule and reign in my life forever. He saved me that night, and I became born again. Most believers can relate that one's life does not change immediately with no sin remaining, rather, it is a journey… a long journey! But one that is worth undertaking!

Over the next 12 years, God blessed my husband, Dave and I, with 6 beautiful, healthy children and a prosperous marketing company. We began to feel a call to the Lakes Region, so we purchased a vacation home on Lake Winnisquam (now our primary residence). While there, God tugged on our hearts to help revive downtown Laconia. So we purchased 4 duplexes in rough shape, completely gutted them, and began renting them at very reasonable rates to give people a "New Life". I began ministering to my tenants by showing God’s love in simple ways. God gave me a life verse that I display on my license plate as a reminder. 1 John 3:17, "But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?"

Then, after my son decided to quit guitar lessons, I decided to go in his place at age 42. That was the beginning of God setting me free completely to be who He made me to be! I joined the worship team at Grace Capital Church in Laconia (now Laconia Foursquare Church) and began to sing and play regularly. Prior to moving up full time to the lake, my good friends suggested I go to 1269 Café (a homeless café in Manchester, NH) to minister with music to the homeless. God led me to 1269 Café, and I began ministering through music once a month for about a year. During one of my times there, I remember God burdening my heart with the need to have a similar café in Laconia. I had no idea when this would come to be, but I knew I was being called in this way.